The Big Ben is leaning
The Big Ben is leaning
One of the main features of London, Big Ben, has lined to such an extent that the slope can be observed with are own eyes, as the agency reported recently.

This 96 meter high clock tower, located at Westminster Palace is now tilted about two feet on the northwest side, as experts say.

John Burland, Professor from Imperial College said that you can see the slope, if you stand near the parliament building. He saw the tourists take pictures and comment on the slope and see that they wonder why the tower linked little to the right.

The tower began leaning intensively since 2003. year, every year moving about 0.9 millimeters, but these levels still are unsure of bending. Burland said that if you start bending quickly, something should be done, but he think nothing should be done in next few years.

The reason for the distortion of the tower are construction works, which were made under the tower. There were more of these works - the construction of sewers, the construction of the subway District Lane and construction of underground parking in the early 70's of last century.

Leaning of Big Ben has resulted in cracking of walls and ceilings in the parliament, including the minister's lap. The construction of this clock tower was finished in 1858.
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