Bet 2 pounds and earned 1.4 million
Bet 2 pounds and earned 1.4 million
One man managed to win 1.4 million pounds with a minimum bet on horse racing in Exeter.

Steve White (60) entered the race on the day the entry was free and then invested his modest bet of 2 pounds on the 'Tote Jackpot', which means to hit the winner in each of six horse races. White, who admitted that the race comes only twice a year, he managed to hit each and every winner, for which the chances were 1 in 368.639.

'The most exciting moment was when friend of mine said that after the fourth race only seven people are in the country in the hunt for the jackpot. And then after the last one he told me 'there was only one and this is that one'. I could not believe it, I'm shaking like a leaf. I do not understand much about the horse race, I come here once or twice a year, "said White, who had previously won a maximum of 300 pounds on the bet.

He added that he will certainly continue to bet 'till he dies' and that jackpot that will change his mind, and he explains that his wife find out for this win when the TV video interview on the occasion of winning the million dollar prize.
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