The best eyeglasses for you
The best eyeglasses for you
Whether you’re feeling like, there’s a pair of eyeglasses to indulge your mood. All you have to do is find the frames that best suit your shape of face. When it comes to buying eyeglasses, approach the task with the same adventurous determination you’d wield in scoring the perfect pair of shoes: seek out the style that most delights you, keeping your eye toward a marriage of form and function that best fulfills your needs. Look for eyeglasses that flatter your face. If you have a high prescription, avoid metal or rimless glasses, which offer little or no coverage for the edges of thick glasses. Or you can opt for high-index lenses, made from a thinner, lighter plastic that offers stronger vision correction; they run higher than the conventional lenses. For distance glasses should choose a larger frame for better peripheral vision. Make sure the frames are comfortable. Glasses should sit lightly on the bridge of the nose without squeezing or slipping down. Try a style with adjustable nose pads if you have trouble finding a comfortable pair.
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