A Beer with the Best Taste
A Beer with the Best Taste
For a long time, beer has been a popular beverage. Babylonian clay tablets show detailed recipes of beer making in 4300 BC. Beer was also brewed by the ancient Chinese, Assyrians and Incas. The best taste usually is acquired at an alcohol contents of 4.7% ethanol per volume. Less than that results in a beer with a bland taste. More than that and the higher alcohols become overpowering and spoils the taste. The strongest beer type by alcohol content is doppelbock, which is usually 8% to 10% ethanol by its volume content. The strongest beer brand in production is German Eisbock, with some 14% ethanol by volume. Ice beer is produced by freezing the brew and filtering the ice crystals that increases the alcohol content. This process was already known in the Middle Ages to “cold-distil” brandy from wine, and the ancient Chinese produced rice hooch that way. The cold-distillation method for ice beer was adopted by Canadians.
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