Become an unforgettable lover
Become an unforgettable lover
There are some little secrets that will help you become an unforgettable lover. Before you go into the bedroom, remember that a man who is waiting for you out there wants to enjoy you and your body. Forget about the flaws, excess weight and cellulite. Thinking about the fat, the stomach and avoid touching on the critical areas will turn you into a cold and disinterested person.

Do not worry, remember Sharon Stone, she said that the men at times thinking about a lot more important things than cellulite.

Flirt, smiling and seduce him, but leave him cool. Show the man that you are interested, but do not immediately surrender to him. Play, let your dress slip and reveal your back, let him know that you're not to wearing underwear, and then disappear for a moment, then return ...

Men are visual types and they like to see a beautiful woman in her underwear so do that for them. Stand in front of the mirror and remove it slowly and with time turn around and look into his eyes. If you are shy, turn your to mirror and do that just before him, and the mirror will do the rest.

Show him the way to the parts of your body on which you want to be touched. Tell him clearly and loudly, the man will thank you. If you belong to the group shy women then make it up with sighs softly whispered "I love when you touch me here" when the hand or tongue touch the right part.

Remember the compliments. Men like to hear that they are the best lovers in the world and that no one has never been touched you like this. Reward him with the words or sighs every time he touch the right place.

Take the first step. Men like women who are secure in themselves, and from time to time they prefer to be hunted. Demonstrate initiative, even a look is sufficient or touch and you will not have to wait long.
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