Baby Panda as a star of reality show
Baby Panda as a star of reality show
Thailand has finally got its own reality show in which TV cameras 24 hours follow those of its participants in an enclosed space, except that here there is only one participant, who usually sleeps or eats bamboo shoots.

Star of the show is a baby of a giant panda named Linping, which is so dear to the heart of Thais to one channel, called "Panda channel", streamed live throughout the day and its every movement. Before birth Linping, residents were asked to come to mating between her parents at the zoo Chiang May, in the north.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the female finally gave birth to a small Linping in 2009. Since that day, the baby panda has become a major attraction in the country. The competition for the selection of its name in 2009 attracted 22 million concerned. Linpingina popularity can be gauged from the popularity of some of the world celebrities from the animal world, such as polar bear Knut and octopus Paul, who was last year unmistakably affecting the outcome of matches at the World Championships.

Obsession of the nation with the small Panda is such that individuals have already raise their voice against sending Linping to China under an agreement signed between the two countries, according to which the animal must be submitted to Chinese authorities after her second birthday, which means in May this year. The zoo is hoping to be able to obtain that Lingping remain for some time with them. "If the answer is 'no ' and we will continue to work on it. First, we will ask for the reason for the refusal, and then we will try to convince them, because Thai people love so much little Linping, " said Prasertsak Buntrakulpuntavi, leader of Thailand's panda project.

Baby Panda means a lot to the zoo, where visitors increased by 30 to 40 percent. The government has requested a loan of 28.5 million bata (930,000 dollars) in order to built a shelter with her air-conditioner above the playing area.

There is also a plan to get another baby pandas through an artificial insemination and establish a research center for giant pandas. "Linping is the first panda born in Thailand. No matter what he does, it attracts our attention. It's like we raise our own child because every day we see how it grows, how it develops and plays, "said Prasertsak in a statement to AFP.

Like most superstars, Linping as well has a difficult character. "It's pretty stubborn and not much enjoyable, " said her guardian. Giant pandas, known to be very rare steam in captivity, they are among the most endangered animals. It is estimated that about 1,600 of them live in the wild in China.

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