Baby Butter against wrinkles
Baby Butter against wrinkles
Mothers in the UK discovered that a low cost children's skin cream is most effective product to combat wrinkles. Thus, the 'Baby Bottom Butter' by sales surpassed sales of all the other anti-aging products together. Cream designed for baby's tender butt care 'Baby Bottom Cream' became a best-selling cream to prevent and reduce wrinkles.

After some mothers putted a rich cream that protects children's skin from rashes on their face, they were so impressed with the result that they have waived their own cosmetics and fed their skin exclusively with this product to the drug store sales at very low cost.

As the success of products spread through online social networks and the Internet 'Baby Bottom Cream' became a best-selling anti-wrinkle cream and they sold recently their 12 months inventory that was enough for 14 years.

It has no miraculous ingredients that are produced in modern laboratories, but soothing lavender essential oil, olive oil and chamomile extract. Does not contain paraben, petrochemicals, nor artificial colors and its orientation towards to nature points since 2005. when the brand was established.

With the slogan 'naturally cleanse for relaxed and loving baby', 'Baby Bottom Cream' could also be said like '' naturally young for a relaxed and loving mother. "
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