August is a baby month
August is a baby month
August is the month with the highest birth rate when we bid a hearty welcome to the millions of new earthlings. You are the proud results of a joyous Christmas season… even if your parents did not put up Christmas trees. 19.5% of new August babies are born in India and 11.6% in China, respectively 6 and 4 times more than in the United States: approximately 2.2 million and 1.3 million vs 0.4 million. Which means two babies are born every second in India and China vs a new baby every 8 seconds in the US. World-wide, 5 beautiful new babies are born every second. The global fertility rate is 2.61 while the United States has a fertility rate of 2.05 children born per woman. One in every 31 new cuddly earthlings born globally is born in the US, thus 3% of all new births. Nearly 40% of the American newlings – 2 out of 5 American babies – are born to unwed mothers. One in ten are born to a teenage mother, according to the National Center for Health. The birth rate among US teenagers is twice as high as the average for all developed countries: 42 births per thousand teenage girls (ages 15-19) vs 21 per thousand.
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