Atlantis is found
Atlantis is found
A group of archaeologists and experts led by Professor of the University of Hartford, could might be on the threshold of revolutionary discoveries - finding the mythical city of Atlantis, as it's brought by international media.

Channel, "National Geographic" program broadcast " The Searching for Atlantis" in which scientists led by Professor Richard Freund present what they have so far discovered by exploring the marsh area of southern Spain for two years with the assistance of ground radar, underwater technology and satellite photos.

The research began after the video from space showed that in the swamps of the National Park Lower Anna is something like an underwater city. It is believed that this is Atlantis, a mythical island for whose existence there is no firm evidence, that modern experts doubt that it was sunk by a tsunami. Richard Freund explained that these natural disasters many times recorded in this part of Europe, and that is the biggest tsunami hit Lisbon 1775.

"It is difficult to understand that the wave may remove the island a hundred kilometers in diameter, but it is the power of the tsunami," said Freund, who in central Spain was also found a strange series of "commemorative cities" that it believes that they are the work of people of Atlantis.

"This is additional evidence that we found a "capital city" near Cadiz. The Atlanteans who managed to escape, fled to the mainland and there they build a new cities, " says a professor.

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