Asian diet - Melt the pounds
Asian diet - Melt the pounds
Asian diets are rich with healthy ingredients, and except rice on the daily menu is varied fruits and vegetables which are the main fighters against the pounds. Did you know that the Asian women do not have problems with cellulite? The secret is hidden in the food and if you want to try an Asian diet, be prepared for delicious food and rich meals that you will not get bored.

In Asian diet it does not matter how much you eat but what you eat on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This diet is very healthy, and if you are disciplined you can expect incredible results.

Everyday Food
Rice is the main cereal and it is on the daily menu. However, if you want, it is sometimes replaced by some other dish, it shall be an integral noodles, corn or wholemeal bread.

On the daily menu is varied vegetables in large quantities. Emphasis is placed on the carrot, cabbage, lettuce, radicchio, spinach, kale, chard, onions and garlic. Eat mostly fresh as a salad with vinegar and oil, but cooked.

About he fruit we does not need to speak much because we all know its importance. Eat a variety of fruit whenever you can.

Soy and nuts are very healthy and useful and they also can be consume on a daily basis. The same goes for fish and dairy products who include cottage cheese, yogurt and probiotics.

Once a week
Meals on a weekly basis is associated with sweets. If you are looking for sweet, prefer to eat fruit or fresh cheese with honey and walnuts. The recommendation is dark chocolate with 75 percent of cocoa. The same goes for poultry meat and eggs. Make a delicious lunch of chicken or turkey in combination with vegetables and rice.

Once a month
Red meat is rarely consumed in Asian diets. Veal, beef or pork we should not eat as often. This diet has proven to be a hit because there is no starvation, and food is very diverse and healthy.

Asian diet limits fat, and almost completely eliminates the harmful saturated fats that are, along with sweets, the main cause of the accumulation of weight and cellulite.
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