Antioxidants can cause fertility
Antioxidants can cause fertility
Large amounts of antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, can threaten the fertility of women, as the new research suggests. Antioxidant threaten ovulation because they neutralize free radicals that promote inflammation and cell damage. Research on animals has shown that these otherwise harmful free radicals, are highly important for ovulation, according to

With animals, on which was carried out laboratory research, in which the ovaries injected two antioxidants, NAC and BHA, a greater amount is found than with animals that did not receive the antioxidant.

Nava Dankel, a professor of biology from the Israeli Institute for Science, warned of the risk to carry antioxidants and are threatening the fertility of women. She said that hey are used today in large doses as a source of health and youth, but their use in an uncontrolled amount is not insignificant. This primarily refers to women who want to have a family.
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