Adidas mocked Ronaldo over Messi
Adidas mocked Ronaldo over Messi
Funny Adidas commercial made almost everyone laugh, but probably not Cristiano Ronaldo. Praising Messi as the best footballer the world they made a good joke od a manicured football player. Just days after winning the Golden Ball, Lionel Messi appeared in the latest commercial for Adidas.

Commercial is actually a cartoon that shows the path of Messi from Rosary to global heights. Of course, the German manufacturer has not forgotten that along the way a make a little joke on Cristiano Ronaldo.

While the humorous cartoon showing Messi's difficult time to the stars, Cristiano Ronaldo was shown as someone who has fame brought with him and now instead of football and team work, he is focused on his role models of fashion sponsors.

We believe that we will not have to wait long for Ronaldo's response.

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