Bubble-like hotel
Bubble-like hotel
France has got the latest hotel in the shape of the bubble. In the city of romance it is all in that style and even apartments. To spend the night under the stars and now you can do that with the accompanying luxury. Carine Mace said that she wanted a special place where she could celebrate her anniversary. She never thought of something normally you can see anywhere. Few people know about this place. Here, you sleep under the stars-there is nothing better than that.

A little away from the city this extraordinary hotel offers amazing views of the starry sky. With balloon, there are countless advantages, but most important, however- is adventure. It is a place of dreams. Located in the park, much like the houses on the tree. Balloon filled with air with a transparent dome and gives guests a spectacular view during the day and night. The interior is spacious and can match any room in the hotel with five stars. For one night you have to set aside 189 pounds. But in that's involved everything - accommodation, food, champagne...

Balloon retains the shape because of the air which is constantly changing in order to avoid moisture. Today's fast lifestyle does not allow enough time to stay in the countryside, and this is one of the rare opportunity to connect with nature. An unusual, but really attractive form of relaxation and fun.
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