6100 years old wine equipment
6100 years old wine equipment
6100 years old complete equipment for the production of wines was discovered in a cave in Armenia. It's the oldest ever found of its kind. This is the first time we have a complete picture of archaeological wine that is 6100 years old, "said Gregory Areshian, lead researcher and assistant director of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology University of California at Los Angeles. This discovery is published in the journal 'Journal of Archaeological Science'.

Among the items found are pitted grape, remains of pressed grapes, dried vine shoots, primitive presses, clay drum, which is likely to have used for fermentation, pieces of clay pots in which wine was kept, and even the cups and a jug which was used for drinking.

Items are from the same cave complex where is also found the oldest shoe. The items were discovered in the cave complex in June 2010, where is found perfectly preserved leather moccasins that is 5,500 years old, and so far it's the oldest shoe in the world.

Caves are located in a deep gorge in the Armenian province Vajtos Dzor, near the border with Iran and Turkey. Region in which today produces high-quality Merlot, Cabernet and Sauvignon. Age artifacts has been confirmed by radiocarbon method.
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