50 new Earth-like planets
50 new Earth-like planets
About 50 new planets are discovered by astronomers from Europe. They are behind the planets of our solar system. Six of them remind of Earth very much.

The largest planet in this set of 50 planets that European astronomers have found is the planet labeled as HD 85512 and it is by weight three times heavier than Earth, and it is about 36 light years far from us and it's located in the constellation Vela.

Otherwise this is just one of 50 new planets found in the solar environment system. Scientists and astronomers believe that among these 50 new planets discovered at least 16 planets have water, and assume that they have a life on them.

Discovery of the HD 85512 b planet suggests that the possibility of other planet similar to Earth where life is possible and that there are some stars that are similar to our Sun, said astronomer Michael Mejor the universality in Geneva.

Some of these planets have the same mass as Earth, while others are such as 10 times more heavier, and they are especially interesting to astronomers because they believe that the development of life on them was feasible and easier than on our planet Earth.
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